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"Greg Day takes my guitars that are already amazing to another level altogether, they play better than I could have ever thought they could, and they played great to begin with. He knows how to listen and make them do exactly what I want them to. Total perfection in playability, intonation, action, everything. He takes a great thing and makes it perfect."

-Gary Holt, Slayer , Exodus

"These guys are so on point. Great work, great service, fast and reliable. If you are a touring musician in the Bay Area I recommend them. They even have cool gear for sale. Outstanding!"

-Arion Salazar, Third Eye Blind, Fungo Mungo, XEB

"Greg, I can't even tell you how much I appreciate everything you did to help... You were indispensible to me... Good job dude!"

-Robb Flynn, Machine Head

"So glad you could help us out. We had a great show, and that was because of you. So thanks for helping make it a great night”. 

-Chuck Prophet

"Since meeting Greg at Soundwave Studios in Oakland 3 years ago, he's been a godsend to our group.  Not just repairing our guitar and amps, but helping us put together our sound system together as well.  Before we leave for tour, to the moment we return he's the person we go to keep our gear in top shape.  He's taken guitars, amps, and even PA speakers that we've found and turned them into road warriors.  He leads a team of not just well qualified people, but good people that you enjoy dealing with.  Not a time waster, an honest luthier that makes sure we can keep the LFADM machine going.  Thank you Greg."

"I have been taking my basses to Greg Day since a music teacher recommended me his services back in 2007-2008. Prior to Greg, I had little idea where to take my instruments for care and found that the service I received elsewhere was inconsistent and often subpar. As a full-time touring musician, my bass guitars are often subject to weather and travel conditions that can be harmful to them. Greg has fixed everything from dents in in my guitar neck, broken tuning pegs, fried preamps, split wires to installing new pickups, adjusting warped necks, setting up my action, and everything in between. Greg is readily available and his repairs are affordable, thorough, and timely. The guy knows his stuff, and hell, he even built me a bass to take on tour. You won't find anyone better in the Bay Area." 


"MASSIVE thanks to Greg Day for setting up my Dean ML Carved Top the best it has ever been set up before. He completely rewired the pickups and set it up for drop C tuning for Dress The Dead! It was my favorite live guitar for the Forbidden reunion years."


-Kelen Capener, The Story So Far

-Jason, La Fin Absolute Du Monde

-Craig Locicero, Dress The Dead

"Dude, my guitar plays great. You should be wearing a wizard's hat!"

-Len Devana, Danville, CA

"This thing is like a stick of dynamite with six strings on it. Outstanding job. "

-Stephen Fusco, Danville, CA

"So glad that I found Greg Day. He's done amazing work on my arch top guitars. Greg made my guitars play and sound better. The best thing about him is that he really cares about his clients and listens to them. I can rely on his knowledge and pro skills for any of my guitar and bass needs. His work is stellar! After a long search for a great guitar tech, I finally found one in Greg."

-Deb Krantz, Pleasanton, CA


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